Cycling along the Kidzu promenade 1
(Kyotanabe to Nagare-bashi)

I have been living in Kyotanabe city for almost two years. Kyotanabe is a small town about 30 km south of metropolitan Kyoto and abounds with nature. One can enjoy varieties of outdoor activities in the town. One thing I like very much is riding bicycles on the promenade along Kidzu river which flows through Kyotanebe . I would like to bring you to the cycling along "the Kidzu promenade".

"The Kidzu promenade" runs from Kidzu, a town located at the south most region of Kyoto prefecture, to Arashiyama in Kyoto city along Kidzu river and Katsuara river, the total distance of which is about 45 km.

However, today we start from Kyotanabe city, about 15 km along the way from the town of Kidzu. Please take a look at the map. It will show you how far you go today, from Kyotanabe to Arashiyama on a Mama-chari bicycle. "Bon Voyage !"

You are at the starting point at Kyotanabe's Kidzu river park on the bank. Please take a look at the picture No.1. One needs to do some warming-up exercises with the park's gymnastic machines. You are going to bike about 30 km today, so be sure to be tuned enough. When you are ready, ride on the bicycle and get started.

No.1: warming up exercise
From the bicycle on the river bank you can see the tea fields on the river side. Of course they grow famous "Uji-cha" japanese tea. This area boasts of the production of high quality tea.
When you go about 5 km from the park a small wooden bridge appears at the turn of the river. Please take a look at the picture No.2. Behind my wife you can see "Nagare-bashi" bridge over the tea fields.

This bridge is a famous shooting location of samurai TV dramas and movies. The recent NHK's morning drama, "Audrey", whose theme was Kyoto cinema industry, shot several scenes at the bridge. Why is the bridge called "Nagare-bashi" (a flowing bridge) ? It is because the wooden planks on the bridge would be left carried away by the water when the river water level rises very high in heavy rain or storms. The strategy will allow to avoid the whole bridge to be flown away down the river.

No.2: "Nagare-bashi" bridge