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2013-05-11 プラクティス予告

This is the announcement about the practice on May 11th.
Genre: Discussion
Title:  My own rule

We talk about our own rules.
For example; When you get up, what do you do at first?  Who takes bath at first in your family?  Do you leave the toilet seat up or down? And why?

1. Make some groups.
2. Talk about one`s own rules one by one in each group. Please don`t forget explaining the reasons.
3. Choose and announce the most interesting rule in each group. (18:20-18:40)

Megumi Iwai


2013-05-18 プラクティス予告

Dear kyoto ESS members.

This is the announcement about the practice on May 18.

3.Title:Become a funny illustrator and reporter!

We are going to do a game. The game title is "mysterious animal TV".

We'll become an illustrator, draw illustrations of a mysterious funny animal character!Then, we 'll become an reporter, we report the animal which we've draw. The game process is as follows.

1.)Make a group consist of 4-7 members.
2.)one of the members pick a card of "illust theme"."illust theme" card is written the information of mysterious animal. Ex. Building monster
3.)Then all the members draw illustrations of the animal according to the theme by using blank sheet.Enjoy using your imagination!
4.)All the member finish to draw the animal, then turn the sheet back and someone collect the sheet.Then shuffle the sheets and hand out each of the members.
5.)one of the members pick a card of "report theme"."report theme" card is written the information of how to report the mysterious animal. Ex.Suddenly shown up in large quantities!
6.)Then in turn, the group member report the animal according to the "report theme"(alloted time: 40 second per person).Enjoy reporting the animal funnily and amusingly!
7.)Lastly, we vote the best iilustrator and reporter!No.1 illustrator and reporter get 2 point.No.2 illustrator and reporter get 1 point.
8.)Enjoy playing this game as much as time allows. Then time is over, someone who get the most point is the winner!

Imagination and playful mind is important. Have fun!



京都 NHK ESSの皆様へ





Presenter: 酒井浩一さん
Genre:  Discussion
Title:  Interview with historical persons

Presenter: 岩井盛一郎
Genre:  Discussion
Title:  Love We discuss about love; ``What is love? Do you believe love makes us change the world?``


Presenter: 高井誠人さん
Genre: Groupwork
Title:  Poster message
参加者: 36名

Presenter: 今田光祐さん
Genre: Quiz
Title :  Guess who I am
参加者: 35名





 ここで4月18日のJapan Timesの記事を紹介します。
 WASHINGTON – If there were ever a moment that symbolized the difference between the power of public opinion and the strength of a concerted minority,
it came Wednesday when the U.S. Senate defeated a bipartisan measure to expand background checks on gun purchases.
 By the time the vote took place, the outcome was expected. But the result was stunning nonetheless, as was made clear by the angry reaction of President Barack Obama,
who had invested so much capital on getting gun legislation passed after the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, only to see those efforts crushed on the first real test.
 Obama’s description of the Senate vote — “a pretty shameful day for Washington” — captured the moment and summed up the frustrations
that many ordinary Americans long have expressed about Capitol Hill, which is that the system appears tilted in favor of blocking action on controversial issues
rather than enacting legislation to deal with them.
 第一パラグラフのconcerted とは協定を結ぶと意味でconcerted minorityとはNRA(National Rifle Association)を指すことが推測されます。
彼らの主張の拠り所は、アメリカ合衆国憲法修正条項第2条(the Second Amendment to the Constitution)に定められた「武器を所持して携帯する権利」
(the right of the people to keep and bear arms)は保障されなけばらないということにあります。

U.S. Senate アメリカ上院
bipartisan measure 2党派合同法案
background checks  身元調査
stunning  驚くべき、びっくりさせられる
Capitol Hill 米国国会議事堂
enact legislation 立法化する
京都 NHK ESS STAFF  岩井 盛一郎


2013-05-25 プラクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS members,

This is an announcement of the practice on May 25th.

Genre: Talk
Title: Communication among neighbors

Everyone has neighbors, and where there are neighbors, there can be problems.
Do you have some memories of your neighborhood?
Share your stories in your groups.
I hope you can enjoy it.

Shiho Nakashima

2013-06-01 プラクティス予告

Dear ESS members;

This is the announcement of the practice on June 1st
Gene; Discussion
Title; A turning point

I would like to discuss about 'a turning point' in our life.
Our life is often affected by a small thing, for example by usual talk with friends,
suggestion from parents or teachers, an impressive word you found in a book, etc.

I set several subjects for the discussion as below;

(1) What was the most impressive book, song, or TV program in your life. How did it change your mind?
(2) Who was the most influential person (including historical person) on your life?
(3) What was the most significant event in your life, enabling you to see things in a way you hadn't ?

Hoping everyone enjoy it !

Best wishes,

Munenori Numata

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