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2013-08-03 プラクティス予告

Hi! I'd like to inform you of the topic for the practice on 3rd Aug here.

Genre; Discussion
Theme; about “herbivorous boys ”(草食系男子 in Japanese)
Q1. Have you met or dated this type of boy?
Q2. Do you personally prefer herbivorous or carnivorous 肉食系 boys (girls)?
Q3. Do you think this phenomenon is really happening? / If yes, Why?
Q4. Social impact of growing number of herbivorous boys (negative/positive, solutions)
Q5. (If time allows….) Please discuss about another related buzz words; such as ” carnivorous woman” or “Bento danshi” (the boys who pack a lunch to save money),or Ryori danshi" etc…

1. 17:30~divided into some groups
2. 17:40~discuss about Q1 to Q5 (about 10min per Question)
3. 18:20~each group selects a presenter & announces the summary to all.

The end of last year, I had a chance to chat with a guy in his 20’s and learned he and his friends never had a big obsession to spend with girl friend on Christmas eve, and some of them have a home party with friends instead.
I thought that's decent & reasonable compared to the older "Bubble" generation spent more flamboyant Christmas time manipulated by media, though the word “herbivore boys” is often link to negative aspect like a declining birthrate or etc…
So the buzz word "herbivore boys”seems to have pros and cons which is a key to speak as much English in the heated discussion as possible.
That’s the reason I chose this topic.

These English article& video are for your reference to pick up some words and phrases

and to share the basic information in Japanese   

Please check out at least the difinition of "Sousyokukei Danshi" in Japanese beforehand, because it's so hard to start off any discussion without it.

Your lively discussion would be appreciated.
Best Wishes,


2013-08-10 プラクティス予告

This is the announcement of Practice on the 10th of August.

Genre: Mindset
Title: Old habits“dye”hard.

I assume there have been some habits which you recognize as good or bad.
You must have gotten some of them to make practice perfect or vanish, and
others in vain.
In this Practice, I would like you to review your trial-and-error
experiences that led you to conquer yourself, handling ones.
And I wish you wrote down the ones you want to keep or banish.

1. Make some groups.
2. Write down your current and old habits.
3. Talk about how they are created, and maintained or banished.
4. And discuss your ideal ones you are tackling unless you hesitate to.
5. In the last fifteen minutes, one member of each group is recommended to
show us your own struggling story, which is concerning ones for what you
are now as honestly and accurately as possible.

Viewpoints, such as below.---which may help you think.
How well you are developed, or how well your excuses are developed.
Others’ habits that encourage or discourage you.
Do you find the food for thought from others’ experiences?

Do relax to think about your habits, but I do not mean to say “have it
your own way.” (i.e. at the risk of belabouring the obvious, I suggest
that you listen warmheartedly.)

Best regards,
Yamaguchi Takeshi


2013-08-17 プラクティス予告

Dear ESS members.
Hi! I'm Enokki!
This is an announcement of practice on the 17th of August .

① Genre

② Title
Find the different point of picture.

③ Description
1. Make some groups,and make 2 team in group.
2. Each other team get the picture that has some different points.
Each member don't show the picture to another team.
3. Team member ask about picture to another team,and another team answer.
This action take several times by turn. And find the different point of picture.
4. When you finish that found the all different points, discuss how we find different point more quickly,
how we play this game more enjoy or anything else...
5. Group member hands up to me. I pass the new question.

I hope you enjoy this practice :-)

Best regards





Presenter: 安田和正さん
Genre:  Speech

Title:  How to make a good speech in English


Presenter: 昌山基成さん
Genre:  Talk & discussion

Title:  Let`s translate the salaried workers` Senryuu(川柳) into English



Presenter: 田畑昭弘さん
Genre: Discussion
Title:  Election for the House of Councilors 2013 Special
参加者: 33名

Presenter: 高山莉沙さん
Genre: Talk
Title :  The memories of summer vacation
参加者: 28名

<Topics -オリバーストーン監督来日ー>














2013.8.8のThe Japan Timesの記事を紹介します。

HIROSHIMA –American film director Oliver Stone has challenged the commonly held U.S. perception that the 1945 atomic bombing
of Japan ended World War II — saving a huge number of American lives in the process — as “a tremendous lie” during his visit to Hiroshima
through Wednesday.

“It’s easy to look at the issue simply that Americans dropped the bomb to end World War II because Japanese militarists would not give up . . .
(but) that would be the surface explanation,” Stone, 66, said as part of his Japan trip to attend a series of peace events commemorating
the 68th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“But those people who looked deeper will find out there is a much more cynical explanation,” he said, noting the Soviet Union’s war on Japan,
begun on Aug. 9, was “a strong factor” behind Tokyo’s surrender six days later.

“The United States was able to get away with it because we were the winners. But as a result, we lost our moral compass,”
he said. “We were able to use nuclear threats against Vietnam, against the Soviet Union, against whoever we had to get our win.”

Stone, who went to the Vietnam War as “a young man, as a believer I was fighting communism,” said that for decades
he used to take as a given the justification for the atomic bombings.

But his view changed after he started research with U.S. historian Peter Kuznick, with whom he produced a 10-part documentary series
and companion book, “The Untold History of the United States.”

Coming to Hiroshima for the first time, Stone visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, met atomic bomb survivors and attended
the city’s memorial ceremony held Tuesday morning near ground zero at exactly at the same moment when the atomic bomb code-named
Little Boy was dropped by a U.S. B-29 bomber 68 years ago.

The blast, fire and radiation from the world’s first atomic bombing devastated the city, with the temperature on the ground at the hypocenter
rising as high as 3,000 to 4,000 degrees.

Referring to the U.S. wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan as behaviors to “trash” those countries, he said the origins of “American empire”
come from the atomic bombing and criticized his country for having “no sense of history.”

“We never think about the implications of what we do,” he said, noting the importance of remembering the lessons of history to prevent
the recurrence of tragedy.

“When you come to Hiroshima, if you can remember or try to remember, that’s the first step in keeping your humanity,” he said.
“The battle of memory against forgetting is the battle of civilization against inhumanity.”

オリバーストーン監督の広島での講演はYou tubeで見れます。



2013-08-31 プラクティス予告

Dear Kyoto ESS members,

This is the announcement about the practice on 31st August.

1 Genre: Discussion
2 Title : Mt. Fuji
3 Description:
Divide into several groups and discuss some question about Mt. Fuji.
If you have some good impressions about Mt. Fuji, please share your opinions in your groups during the discussion.
I would like you to give your short presentation in each groups in the end of the practice.

See you on Saturday.

Best wishes,

Itsuko Hori


2013-09-07 プラクティス予告

Good evening, everyone!

This is an announcement of the practice on Sep, 7.

1. Genre : Debate

2. Topic : "Japan is comfortable place to live for foreign people or not ?"


17:30 - 18:00

1. Make 5 or 6 people groups.
2. Each group is more divided into two groups, pro and con camps.
3. Exchange your views and opinions on this topic with the menbers of each pro and con group
for about 10 minutes.
4. Debate the pros and cons of the topic for 15 minutes.

18:00 - 18:20

Express your conclusion in each group at the end of the practice.

I'm pleased that you will enjoy this practice.
Thank you!

Best wishes,

Kuniko Furukawa

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