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2012-07-14 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS members,

I'm Mie Iwasaki. I'm sorry for late notice.

This is an announcement of the practice on July 14.
As you know,ESS means "English Speaking Society",
so I plan this practice,in order to enjoy speaking English,
and know each other's more and more.

1. Genre:Talk.
2. Title : Try to make a killer question

3. Description:

(1) Make some groups.

(2) Within group member,make pair and decide playing a role,
one is questioner,and the other is respondents.
Then,let's begin talking freely by using various question!
(each pair have about 5-10min,when time is up,Please do
the same thing by changing pair.)

(3) After you're talking with all group members,
please discuss about what question is most fascinating you.

I hope you'll enjoy this practice.

Mie Iwasaki


2012-07-28 プラクティス

Dear Kyoto ESS members,

Hi friends! My name is Fumiyoshi Takeda. For your information,

I will show you below contents of the practice on July 28.

I am looking forward to seeing you in that day.

Take it easy!



Genre: Talk and design

Title: Planning for housing


First of all, please form groups of six people.

Setting of the scene is that you are going to build a house.

But you have no idea yet. So plan the house.

I am showing you the way to plan as follows.

1) First, please talk and set up the family structure in your group.

2) Then, choose a location to build the house in your group.

3) Next, determine a style such as material (e.g. wood, reinforced concrete and steel), number of stories etc. in the building in your group.

4) Then, write the name of room that you need in the building to a Post-it, referring figures of sample.

5) Then, put the Post-it on the paper considering a layout of rooms.

6) Finally, consider the shape of the building and draw a bird’s-eye view






プラクティス: 井上もとみ様 Translation, “A Japanese folk belief”
参加者: 38名
New Comers: 野間健介様

【6月9 日】
プラクティス: 山口武史様 Discussion and Quizzes, “Translation Japanese into English”
参加者: 32名
New Comer: 村田揚成様、石井陽子様

プラクティス: 小林直子様 Writing & Talking, “Personal Letter”
参加者: 35名
New Comers: 高岡正明様、呉洋実様、呉様のお母様

【6 月23日】
プラクティス: 武居久美子様 Talking, “Let’s talk about our ESS”
参加者: 40名
New Comers: 無し

【6 月30日】
プラクティス: 鈴木貴子様 Writing & Presentation, “Welcome to Japan ! We are Travel Agent!”
参加者: 37名
New Comers: 片山千裕様、藤木友里様


We have a desire to speak fluent English, but, first things first, let’s start with a small step which we can keep continuing everyday! Those small steps will bring a big improvement on us in the future.
Good Luck for all 

【3 Key-Words from News Letter of this month】
1. まず最初にやるべきこと: first things first
2. リストアップする: list  (* list up とは言わない)
3. (人/心が)~でドキッとする: jump at ~


京都ESS スタッフ

追記: 今回のTOPICSネタは私自身一番耳が痛い事柄であり、更に自分に言い聞かせつつ記載した背景があります。私の「やらなければならないこと」のひとつであった6月度のニュースレターがようやく出来上がったことをお知らせすると同時に、京都ESS会員の皆様には配信時期が大幅に遅れた事をお詫び申し上げます。


2012-08-04 プラクティス


I will offer you a Japanese card game, called “The Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets.”

This is an English version translated by Clay MacCauley in 1917.

I pick up 25 poems from it.

Originally, presenter’s cards have upper parts (5-7-5) and players’ cards have under parts (7-7). But in this game, whole part (5-7-5-7-7) is printed on each card.

Have fun!

Seiichiro Saito

Genre: Game

Title : The Hundred poems by One Hundred Poets

Description: This game follows these ways.

(1)Read cards and recognize their positions on the table. (10min.)

(2)A presenter reads one card.

(3)Players catch correct one.

(4)The role of presenter is changed each time in turn.

(5)One chance is suspended when you make a mistake.(otetsuki)

Please discuss these topics if you have extra time,

(1)Which poem or which expression impressed you?

(2)Do you have your favorite poet in literature or songwriter in music?

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