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2012-05-05 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS members
Good morning everyone.I'm nakatani.

I introduce of practice for May 5 .

Title:What do you have continuing thing?

Description:Spring come. Many people think to do new thing. If it continue,life is fulfilling.
Do you have continuing thing?
English training is natural. To other thing are less weight,sports,cooking,,,,,.
On the contrary, are there some which have stopped some on the way?
What kind of thing is kept in mind for continuing?

Divide into small groups, and talk about continuing thing.

Let's enjoy talking.




プラクティス: 青谷美帆子様 Oral Communication, "Hobbies"
参加者: 44名
New Comers: 岸上浩孝様、森川裕貴様

プラクティス: 谷原悠子様 English Composition, “Let's exercise English composition!”
参加者: 35名
New Comer: 村田揚成様

プラクティス: 酒井浩一様 Discussion, ”Achievements & New Ideas”
参加者: 41名
New Comers: 荒川亜紀様、北井とき子様、出雲順平様、村上真佑美様

プラクティス: 岩井盛一郎様 Quiz and Presentation, “Guess whose words and speeches”
参加者: 45名
New Comers: 西村佳代子様、原田広之様、樫本直記様











【3 Key-Words from News Letter of this month】
1. 金環日食: Annular Eclipse
2. 天文学的現象: astronomical phenomenon
3. (自然環境を)観測する: observe

ESS京都 スタッフ


2012-05-12 プクティス予告

5.12 Practice By Takeo Kuchnaka

Genre: Discussion and Quizzes
Title: Translation Japanese into English

I will divide our members into 6 groups

Each group has 20 questions assignment

Do translate Japanese into English.

If you cannot get some words, just listen to the CD.

We can enjoy ourselves through this game.

2012-05-19 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS members.

Hello, this is an announcement of the practice on May 19th.

(1) Genre: Talk & Presentation
(2) Title: “Imagine the world in the 22nd century” (2101-2200)
(3) Description:

Now we live in the 21st century.
In this practice, let’s imagine the future world in 100 years from now.

What will our lives be like in the 22nd century?
How will computers be improved?
Will “Space tourism” be available for anyone?
How about Kyoto NHK ESS.......? ;)
Let’s anticipate the future together, talking EASILY! ;p

The procedure is as follows.

0. Make some groups.

1. I will hand out one big paper and A4 sheets, which have variety of headers as below.

Sheet1: Fashion
Sheet2: Environment
Sheet3: Medical advance
Sheet4: Books
Sheet5: Communication technology
SheetX: xxxx

2. Choose the one you’re interested in, and anticipate the future about the headline.
After talking about that, write down the future prediction on the paper.

3. Attach the sheet on a big paper.

4. Repeat the step 2 and 3.

5. After completing the work in each group,

A representative make a brief presentation about the group work in front of other groups.

That's all.

To supplement the explanation about procedure 2-4,
I’ve created one example of this group work.

The example can be downloaded via the following link. ( Please access by PC )

I hope everyone will enjoy this practice.
Thank you for reading.

Mai Nishimura


2012-05-26 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS members.

Hello, this is an announcement of the practice on May 26th.

(1) Genre: Game
(2) Title: “Who is a liar” game

(3) Description:

Do you happen to know the old NHK TV program『ゲーム ホントにホント!』

or『クイズ 日本人の質問』.

This practice is arranged version of these programs. Try to be a “good liar”!!

You can say 「Hai! Kore Honto!」.

<Reference HP>




1.Make teams

(1)Make teams of 3 or 4 people.   

(2)Each 3 team sit around one table.

   ①②③ team sit around one table, ④⑤⑥team sit around one table,・・

  But each team sits little away from each other so that each team can talk separately

For convenience of explanation, we call ①④⑦⑩ A-team, ②⑤⑧⑪B-team,③⑥⑨⑫C-team.

 ①,②,③ team compete with each other later.

2. Prepare to give a quiz in team.

(1) Each team chooses one topic.

(2) Each member in team prepares your own answer to give a quiz about the topic.

*Within about 3 minutes for (1) and (2).

(3) Decide one person who tells a lie. The other people will tell the truth.

Maybe it is easy for the liar to change slightly from the true story.

Funny or surprising quiz is desirable.

(4) If the number of member is different for each team in the group,

   you can adjust the number (one person skip some stage to keep the number for fairness).

3.Start the Quiz. A team goes first.

Each member of A team speaks about each story of the topics in order.

(Only 1 person tells a lie).

*Speaking time for each person is within about 30 seconds (not 1 sentence).

*The person who tells a lie, try to play well!!

4.Question time

B team can ask 2 questions in order to find out who is the liar. Next, so can C team.

Members of A will answer the questions, but don’t tell too direct answer.

5.Answering time

Each member of B team & C team guess who is a liar.

You can talk with each other in your team.

But each member writes the name of the person who you think is the liar on the paper respectively.

All members open the papers at the same time.

6.Tell the right answer (who told a lie ).

B and C team can get the score equivalent to the number of members who can get right answer.

7. Change turns. This time B team gives a quiz and C&A team answers it.

Next C team gives a quiz and A&B team answers it.

8. Above is the 1st stage.

Continue the 2nd,3rd,・・・stage, changing topics, as long as time permits.

*Do not stick to the rule too much. You can change the rule. Just enjoy that!

9.The team who get the highest score is the winner.

10. The winner team in your group will choose the funniest or most surprising quiz and introduce that

to the other group members. Other group members guess who is the liar.

(Last 15minutes)

<TOPICS examples>

* How did you spend last weekend?

* Mischief you had ever done (including in childhood.)

* Have you ever told a big or funny lie to someone? What was it like?

* Your (or your friend’s) strange experience you have ever had.

* Embarrassing story (ex. I have ever ・・・)

* Favorite TV program.

* The best present you have ever received.

* The most strange food you have ever had. (e.g. worm, insects, animals・・・)

* No experience (e.g. I have never ・・・)

* The most impressive place you have ever been to.

* The most famous person you’ve ever met. (e.g. I have met Tom Cruise in N.Y when・・・)

*The dangers you have passed in your life.

*The things you are thinking a lot recently

*Favorite movies

*The license or grade you have (e.g. 5th grade in karate)

*Special skill, specialty (e.g. imitation of someone, moving your ears, inspiration,

playing instruments)

*Your property (possession) (e.g. very expensive drawing, very valuable treasure.)

*Failure story

*Heroic episode(武勇伝)

*What if you have more money than one will ever use?
・・・You can make any other topics. Funny or surprising topics are desirable.

Akihiro Tabata


2012-06-02 プクティス予告

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! (^.^)/
This is an announcement of the practice on June 2nd.

Presentater: Inoue Motomi

(1) Genre: Translation
(2) Title: “A Japanese folk belief”

(3) Description:

1. Make some groups.

2. I will hand out material of a Japanese folk belief.
I think we all should know about the belief. And you will know the reason why
 on the day. :)

3. Translate it in your group.
Maybe you should translate it in turns, but if you have another good idea, it
is OK to do in your way.

4. Present a part of your translation before all.

I hope you all enjoy the practice.

Cheers! (^^)/

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