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3月3日 Mr,Nakanishi Quizzes "Quizzes about famous places in Kyoto"
3月10日 Mr,Hayashi Talk "S.M.A.R.T."
3月17日 Mr,Uchidate Translation
3月24日 Ms,YukoNakano Talk "Your life purpose"
3月31日 Ms,Nishimura Presentation "Let's share your favorite movies"

3月3日   32名 (Makimoto-san, Honda-san)
3月10日  43名 (Yadokoro-san,Makimoto-san,Kato-san,Oka-san)
3月17日  36名
3月24日  36名 (Matuo-san,Amaya-san)
3月31日  37名 (Takeda-san,Kuroda-san)




暖かい陽気で なんだかウキウキ気分の方。

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一年間、NEWS LETTERにお付き合い下さいましてありがとうございました。




2012-04-07 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto ESS members,

This is Aotani.
I am announcing you the practice on April 7.

『 What kinds of hobbies do you have? 』

The cherry blossom season has come, many people have taken up a new hobby.
This week’s practice, please introduce your hobby to ESS members.
An ongoing one, old one or interesting one…any hobby is ok!

Divide into small groups, and talk about each other’s hobby.
Before ending this practice, choice one hobby in your group
and introduce it in front of everyone for about 1 minute.
At the end of the speech, please tell us whose one it is.

I am look forward to hearing your hobby.



2012-04-14 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS members,

Good evening, everyone.
This is the chairperson of April 14, Yuko Tanihara.
I hope you will enjoy following materials.

Genre: English composition

Title: Let's exercise English composition!

At first, please make some groups to have 5-7 members in each group.

Warming up: English vocabulary quizzes
This game is guessing the English word for daily use.
One of your group members reads out first question and answers the question.

Other members can help him/her answer the word.

Then, next person reads out second question and answers the question.

Please repeat this work by rotation.

Main: English composition (Short sentences)

At first, please write down your own answer of first question.

Then, present your answer of first question in your group.

Next, please discuss and choose the best answer of first question in your group.

If you can share the representative answer of first question, let’s move on to second question.

Finally, please show the representative answer in each group from 18:15.

If you finish, please let me know. I have optional programs.

See you on this and next Saturday.

Best regards,
Yuko Tanihara

2012-04-21 プクティス予告

Dear Kyoto NHK ESS member:

This is the information about the practice on April 21st.

(1) Genre: Discussion

(2) Title: Achievement & New Idea

(3) Description:

This practice is how to express your original ideas, your new ideas, your imaginary function.

But you don’t need to seriously think.

Anyway there are a lot of excellent devices, appliances and equipments around us. And also

great art, sports, concept, knowledge and so on. People have made great achievements.

You can choose your favorite achievement. And you can also hope the additional functions

and new achievement. Let’s introduce and discuss those matters.

The procedures is as follows

1. Make some groups.

2. Introduce your favorite achievement and explain the benefits or something.

You can choose the sample achievements below. But you don’t need to stick to the samples.

Automobile Internet Telephone Electric light Airplane Air-conditioner Dish washer

Recorder Bicycle Radio Baseball Football Basketball Tennis Sumou Museum  

Theater Photo Painting Hospital Medicine Organ transplant Rakugo Orchestra

Novel Poem Haiku ・・・  etc

Ex. I choose an air-conditioner because it can provide the comfortable atmosphere. We can enjoy

doing something inside even in broiling summer. But this is the most consumption of electricity

in summer among the home electric appliances. Recently using the air conditioner is sometimes

criticized in terms of saving electricity. Therefore many engineers have been making an effort

to develop the high efficiency ・・・・・.

3. If you want to append other function to your favorite achievement, what is it? Why?

Ex. I hope that an electric generator of a windmill is appended to an outer unit of air-conditioner

in order to save electricity. And we can also get electricity when it is windy. But I don’t know

how to equip the windmill or how to switch the fan to the windmill. It’s a kind of dream・・・・・.

4. After discussion of the achievements and the other functions in your group, which do you think is

the most interesting? why?

5. What kind of new achievement do you want or imagine for future? Why?

Ex. I want an oral automatic translation device which is light and can be easily carried.

I have some chances to discuss with foreign colleagues. But some ones can’t speak English or

Japanese well. If we had this device, we could communicate・・・.

6. After discussion of the new achievements in your group, which do you think is the most impressive? why?

Hirokazu Sakai


2012-04-28 プクティス予告

Dear, Kyoto NHK ESS member;

This is the announcement of the practice on April 28.

(1) Genre: Quiz and Presentation

(2) Title: Guess whose words and speeches

(3) Description:
Famous people left uncountable words and speeches. Some of them have been inherited to next generations.
Most of them imply creed or the way of thought of speakers.
In this practice, we guess which words or speeches were spoken by whom is either historical famous person or celebrity.

Here is procedure;

1. Make six groups

2. I hand out the paper containing twelve quotations from words and speeches spoken by celebrity in the world.
And, I also hand out list of names of well known people in any genre from entertainment to politics.
Please discuss which words or speeches were spoken by whom are listed in the paper.

3. After fifteen minutes pass after we start discussion, I also hand out another two sheets of papers listed words or speeches.
Words and speeches in these two papers were also spoken by same people whose words and speeches are listed in the first paper.
I number each word and speech on these three papers to be compatible.
The first one is the most difficult to guess whose words or speeches from the name list.
The second one is comparably easier to guess than the first one. The last one is the easiest to guess than former ones.

4. Around 18:05, I hand out another paper which only two answers are written among twelve quotations for each group.
The number of words or speeches and the names of persons who spoke the words or speech are written in this sheet.
Each group has different answers, because I listed different two speakers from twelve quotations for each group.
Members of each group explain about him or her on this sheet to members in other groups.
And, members in other groups answer who is he or she as well as the number of words or speeches.
We have twelve quotations, so that we can do two times rotation for each group.

For example;
Group1 ` He is an American.`
Another member says, `He is a musician and dancer.`
Another member says `He died a few years ago.`
Another member says `He is called the king of pop.`
Another member say `One of his million seller records is thriller.`
Someone in another group answer, `This is the number 6th word, and these words should have been spoken by Michael Jackson.`

I hope you enjoy this practice and feel useful one.

Seiichiro Iwai

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