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4月16日 プラクティス

Dear all,

On behalf of Uchidate san, let me introduce the practice on April 16th.

The material of the practice is attached.

Date: April 16

Genre: Read & Talk

Facilitator: Atsuta & Uchidate

1) As usual, be divided into 5 or 6 groups

2) Each member of group read one paragraph aloud and put it into Japanese by turn.

3) After going through one article, talk and discuss on the article within your group.
-What did you think of the article and its topic?
-Is there anything else you can add to the topic? Anything is OK.

4) If you have time, move on to another articles whichever you like.

5) Finally, one of each group introduce summery of your groups talk to all.

Thank you,

Y. Atsuta


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