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Dear Kyoto NHK-ESS member

This is the information about the practice on March 2.

1. Genre: Talk & Discussion
2. Title: Talking about the present situation
3. Description

[Step. 0]
Make some groups and make pairs in each group. If you don’t have partner, please find a partner in other group. If there is no partner in all groups, I will become your partner.

[Step. 1] 1 minute to speak (5〜10min)
This is a 1 minute to speak. You talk about a topic for 1 minute. Your partner just listen. After your talking, exchange a speaker. I’m a timekeeper. I choose topics below.
Festival, Olympics, Entrance Examination, Graduation ceremony

[Step. 2] Free conversation (35〜45 minutes)
Please gather in each group.
Please introduce yourself quickly and talk about your present situation one by one.You can continue talking and discussion. You can talk about any topics. If you don’t have any topics,
you can use my topics that is “Valentine’s Day or White Day”

[Step. 3] Dialogue (10〜15 minutes)
I distribute a number card. One person having your same number is your partner.
Let’s talk freely each other.

Hirokazu Sakai



Hi, there.

As you know, the Heisei era is coming to an end.

Emperor Akihito is set to abdicate the throne on April 30, when the curtain will fall on the Heisei era.

Let's look back on the Heisei.

See you at the temple.




Dear Kyoto NHK-ESS members,

This is the announcement about the latter half practice on March 16th.

1. Genre: Talk & Discussion

2. Title: To show respect Momofuku Ando who is from Taiwan and an

inventor of chicken ramen noodle. This year is 60th Anniversary for
the chicken noodle.
It is said that the noodle named 老麺 in China changed to say " Ramen" in Japan.

Divide into several groups.
1) In each group, share your information about favorite noodle , topping,
taste(salt, soy sauce, bonito soup, Miso soup, vegetable soup, tonkotsu, so on)
2) Share your favorite noodle shop information.
3) How do you feel about Momofuku Ando through NHK morning drama, the Profiler)
4) Have you visited Ikeda noodle museum? If so,How was your impression about ?
5) Free talk - about your favorite noodle in each group

See you on 16th.

Itsuko Hori



This is the announcement for the latter half of ESS practice on March 23rd, 2019 at Hitomachi.


2.Title:How to overcome starvation and excessive wealth gap

Since I made a speech on inequality at the English Round Table in 2017, I think it is also a good idea to share and develop the contents with ESS members.

4. Procedures.

1) Watch the 3 minutes YouTube video on poverty and giving, which would be displayed on the screen twice.

2)Make some groups with 3 members each. If one member is left, join group 1. If another member is left, join group 2.

3)Read the material for this practice titled “How to overcome starvation and excessive wealth gap” and the others on “basic income.”

4)Discuss whether “Perfect equality” is possible to actualize in your life.

5) Discuss whether there is excessive inequality today.

6) Discuss your own idea to minimize excessive inequality.

7) Discuss whether "tax on capital" or "AI" or “basic income” or the other counter measures can be an effective means to rectify excessive inequality.

8)If there is enough time, make a brief report on your group discussion to the rest of the members.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.





Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

This is the announcement for the latter half of ESS practice on March 30th, 2019.


2.Title: Unfinished Sentence

Each may talk about the given titles which are written in cards with unfinished sentence.

4. Procedures.

1 Make 4 Groups with 15 cards in your group.
2 One picks up one card out of 15 cards and each group member may talk about the title in about 1 minute.
3 After all member finish talking about the title, next picks up another card out of 14 cards and follow the
same process.

*You can skip the card if you don't want to talk about the title.

*Even though we have limited time(17:40~18:10),please enjoy talking with same group members.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Kazumasa Yasuda



Kyoto NHK ESS メンバーの皆様

これからも皆様と協力しあって、このKyoto NHK ESSを 盛り上げていきたいと思います。


●リーダー :  酒井 浩一
●サブリーダー :  西村 誠   山本 正廣   森 夏子
●会計担当 :  辻 建次
●イベント担当 :  堀 伊都子
●NC担当 :  田中 隆一
●プラクティス担当 :  松井 昭子
●PC担当 :  杉野 淳子  

🌸Kyoto NHK ESS レポートNo.9🌸



3月2日 スタッフ
「Talk & Discussion」
valentine day vs white day・・

3月9日 野口さん
「Let's look back on the Heisei」
” ちびまる子ちゃんて私と同じ!”

3月16日 堀 (伊) さん
「To show respect Momofuku Ando」
長寿の秘訣を聞かれると、必ず”週2回のゴルフと毎日お昼に欠かさず食べるチキンラーメン” と安藤百福は答えていたそうだ!

3月23日 南橋さん
「How to overcome starvation and excessive wealth gap」
”助けを必要としてる人を救った結果” に関する短い動画を観た後でHuge Number of Materialsにもめげず、貧富の差について積極的な意見交換をしました!

3月30日 安田さん
「Unfinished Sentence」
国内では三大盆踊りのひとつ、秋田の西馬音内盆踊り。神秘的で哀愁を帯びた音色! 行きたい〜〜



Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
人はいつからも 新しくなれる

2018年度 スタッフ
田中 隆一


京都NHK ESSメンバーの皆様


●リーダー : 今井 洋爾
●サブリーダー:  武居 久美子
●会計担当 :  南橋 理
●イベント担当 :  鈴木 貴子
●NC担当 :  岩井 盛一郎
●プラクティス担当 :  山田
●PC担当 :  杉野 淳子  

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