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2013-02-09 プラクティス予告

To ESS members
It's my pleasure to inform you of the theme for the meeting on 9th of Feb, as follows,

Genre: Discussion & short speech presentation
Theme; Sports
Point to discuss;
Q1. What is the most impressive sports scene you’ve ever seen?(speech style 1-3min per each)
Q2. Who/ What is your favorite athlete/sports?
Q3. Can sports encourage the national vitality? (if yes, how?)
Q4. Should Japan spend more tax money to achieve better results on the sports field?
Q5. Are you for or against the hosting 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?
(if time allows….)
Q6. Do you think the way media cover sports is fair and well-balanced?
(NOTICE !) If you can, please prepare your speech note only about Q1 beforehand.

1. divided into some groups
2. every member is required to give a speech about Q1 in about 1 to 3 minutes.
(and each group is supposed to vote the best presenter to announce to all in the last part of practice.)
3. discuss about Q2 to Q5 (Q6)
4. presentation by selected one in front of all.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.
Best wishes, K.Miyazawa 


2013-02-16 プラクティス予告

Dear ESS members

It is my pleasure to have this opportunity with you. In the session we will enjoy Haiku in English. At first I will explain basic rules or concept of Haiku and show you some example of Haiku. But take it easy, because our session is not formal one, and just enjoy it. If possible please think about some moment/situation which you want to express in Haiku in advance.

Schedule and procedure

1. Make 5-6 groups
2. Members in each groups create Haiku in English and present it within the group
3. At the presentation of Haiku in English, please explain about some background information, your feeling, your memory and so on.
4. Have conversation on these topics. And repeat this one by one in each groups.

5. Please chose best Haiku in your group.
6. Representative person present your Haiku and some background information to attendants.

See you soon!





さて今年はプラクティスで「New-year Resolutions (新年の抱負)」が取り上げられることはありませんでしたが、いつも最新情報に敏感で物事にアグレッシブな皆さんは個々に今年の目標を勿論設定されたことかと思います。自身の年齢に関わらず、目標を立てることや夢を持つことは日々の生活を楽しく過ごす術のひとつですね。今年も目標を持って、楽しく英語を勉強していきたいものです。


プラクティス: 室田浩司さん

Genre: role-playing game regarding communications between a waiter and guests in restaurant abroad, “Welcome to Chinese restaurant in San Francisco”

参加者: 33名




プラクティス: 山本正廣さん

Genre: Free Talk, “Let’s develop your potential!!”

参加者: 38名


プラクティス: 杉村和幸さん

Genre: Role playing, “Your recommendation "

参加者: 43名




映画『スターウォーズ』に登場する宇宙要塞「デス・スター」を建造して欲しい…一見無謀とも思われる請願が届けられました。その宛先は米政府ホワイトハウス。ホワイトハウスはオバマ政権になってから、”We the People”というオンライン嘆願システムを採用しています。市民の声を積極的に政策に取り入れるための試みで、2万5000人以上の署名を集めた嘆願書についてはホワイトハウス側が正式に返答すると約束しているそうです。そして今回この「デス・スター建設」に対する請願には3万人以上もの署名が為されたため、政府が正式に回答する運びとなったのです。








参考資料: “We the People” – the White House


【3 Key-Words from News Letter of this month】

1. 請願書、申し立て書: petition
2. 惑星を破裂する: blowing up planets
3. ユーモア: humor  ※スペルにご注意を!

京都ESS スタッフ


2013-2-23 プラクティス予告

Hello, everyone.

I hope this text message finds you well.

Here is the announcement of the Feb. 23. activity.

Genre and Title-Debate


The topics are secret.

You don't have to make any preparations for them.

It's still freezing in the middle of February .

Don't worry.

We're going to have ‘heated’ debates.

Thank you.



2013-3-02 プラクティス予告

Date: March 2, 2013
Genre : Talk
Title : Heisei
Presenter : Y.Sugihara

Heisei goes into the 25th year, stretching a quarter of a century. Now Heisei has such a long history that you may not remember - may not be born - when Showa closed and Heisei began.

In Heisei,
the bubble economy peaked in its 1st year, just to burst soon. Restructuring (ri-su-to-ra) has become a daily life. A hard time for job seekers, employment "ice age", continues. The Internet and mobile phone practically debuted, resulting in Galapagos Japan. Two killer earthquakes struck Kobe and Tohoku. And yet. The minimalist mindset of Zen may have inspired Steve Jobs to design iPhone. "Mottainai" spirit has been promoted by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Sushi goes truly global. Amid these pains and gains, Kyoto NHK ESS turned 50.

In practice, you are encouraged to talk your Heisei, which events or phenomenon in Heisei impress you, what you like about Heisei society, at which places you feel Heisei in Kansai, and so on.

Procedure is as usual, participants divided into small groups to talk, finishing off with each group's presentation to other groups.


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