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Hi, everyone.

Here is the announcement for the practice on the June 9th.

[Genre] completing scripts( These are for plays based on Rakugo stories, and to be performed by more than two people)

[How to] 1 I want you to be divided into 4 or 5 groups as usual.
2 Read through a script(5min.).
3 There are blanks in the last line. In your group, discuss what expression would fit (10min.). And then a representative announces the
answer as a group.
4 Listen to the play(5min.).
5 I’ll hand out another script. Repeat from 1 to 4 .

You don’t have to find the right answer. There could be some expressions.
And I don’t want you not to speak Japanese as possible as you can.
First of all, I hope you’ll enjoy the sense of humor.

Megumi Iwai


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