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Dear Kyoto NHK-ESS member
This is the information about the practice on September 1.

 1. Genre: Talk & Discussion
 2. Title: Talking about the present situation
 3. Description

[Step. 0]
Make some groups and make pairs in each group. If you don’t have partner, please find a partner in other group.
If there is no partner in all groups, I will become your partner.

[Step. 1] Break the Ice (5〜10min)
This is a 1 minute to speak. You talk about a topic for 1 minute. Your partner just listen. After your talking, exchange a speaker.
I’m a timekeeper. I choose topics below.
Summer Winter Sport Music

[Step. 2] Group Talk (35〜45 minutes)
Please gather in each group.
Please introduce yourself quickly and talk about your present situation one by one.
You can continue talking and discussion.

[Step. 3] One to one talk (10〜15 minutes)
I distribute a number card. One person having your same number is your partner.
Let’s talk freely each other.

Hirokazu Sakai


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