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Dear Kyoto NHK-ESS member
This is the information about the practice on December 1.

1. Genre: Talk & Discussion
2. Title: Talking about the present situation
3. Description

[Step. 0]
Make some groups and make pairs in each group. If you don’t have partner, please find a partner in other group. If there is no partner in all groups, I will become your partner.

[Step. 1] 1 minute to speak (5〜10min)
This is a 1 minute to speak. You talk about a topic for 1 minute. Your partner just listen. After your talking, exchange a speaker. I’m a timekeeper. I choose topics below.
Bicycle, Car, Science, Literature

[Step. 2] Free conversation (35〜45 minutes)
Please gather in each group.
Please introduce yourself quickly and talk about your present situation one by one.
You can continue talking and discussion. You can talk about any topics. If you don’t have any topics,
you can use my topics that is “Christmas Eve or New Year Eve”

[Step. 3] Dialogue (10〜15 minutes)
I distribute a number card. One person having your same number is your partner.
Let’s talk freely each other.

Hirokazu Sakai


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