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To all
In the practice on Feb 2nd, I'd like you to try some works of translation from Haruki Murakami's literature,using both original text and Jay Rubin's English version out of NHK radio program https://cgi2.nhk.or.jp/gogaku/english/yomu/ just like i did many years ago.
I will do it again with a different work whose original title is「四月のある晴れた朝に100パーセントの女の子に出会うことについて」

Date;Feb. 2nd
Venue;Hitomachi Kaikan
Content: Dictation & Translation

1.make groups
2.fill in some blanks after listening to the Murakami's text of ”On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning ”
3.translate some parts of it
4.share each translation (&corrections or impression etc..) in your group
5.choose the best one & present it in front of everyone.

thanks for your corporation in advance.

This is off topic,but actually I was asked last year by previous staff Yuko san and already prepared another material using "the Second bakery attack" but when I think it twice,it was too strange story😂,so I chose one of the most enjoyable and universal novel & redid it. so please look forward to it unless you're a fan of Haruki. Miyazawa


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